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Xuancheng HuiCheng nickel net co., LTD. Is located in xuan city east development zone。In my company2002Years was established,Is a company specializing in the production of cylinder printing nickel screen series products of export-oriented high-tech enterprises,Passing by10Years of development,The current annual output of cylinder50Ten thousand only,Product specification covers15M,20M,40M,60M,80M,100M,105M,125M,135M,155M,165MAnd the range of hundreds of varieties,Suitable for all kinds of rotary screen printing machine、Rotary screen coating machine,Also can produce special specifications according to customer's request and low nickel mesh netGDDNickel net,Market throughout the country in various textile dyeing and printing base,And exported to all over the world40To many countries and regions,For many years was named...More and more>>
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