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  Dapao food co., LTD is located in the east exit of the mound six high-speed fuyang,Ying east xinhua business park,The transportation is convenient,The environment is exquisite。My company is a natural green food as raw material,Mining local characteristics,Development of a professional company specialized in processing quick-frozen convenient fashion food。2012The year was named municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises。 Company general manager20Frozen products and process development professional experience for many years,The other is equipped with a professional r&d staff10Name,Committed to the development of new products and development。 The company covers an area of20m,Three has a standardized production workshop,Production base160Mu,And farmers through-train mode of production was established。Now has the marketing management and technical personnel20More than,The college culture80%,The total number of employees150More than one。Company now...
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Fuyang city dapao food co., LTD

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Pass The true:0558—2219752
The ground The address:Fuyang city in anhui province ying xinhua pioneer park east development zone

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