Chongqing jinhua electric co., LTD., established in packages1985Years,It has been more than 30 years of history,Is the first batch of southwest China,Chongqing's first professional r &d and production35KVAnd the following/Low-voltage complete switch equipment and distribution network intelligent system of private appliances enterprises,Is the world's multinational electronics companySiemens、Schneider、ABBClose technical cooperation partner in China。

      Company is located in chongqing pearls wellhead industrial park,Cover an area of an area6Million square meters,Collection of office building,Research and development center,Customer service center,Production workshop。In order to meet the enterprise sustainable development needs,The company has been in the Taiwanese information park land100Mu,The company's research and development production capacity will be further development and ascend。

      【Jinhua·Essence】Is the company has always been adhering to the business philosophy,【In bejing,Century brand】Is the enterprise eternal pursuit,The company advocates【Green environmental protection People-oriented】The humanism idea,Pioneered in the complete sets of electrical appliances industry【Electrochemical industrial electrical home——Security·Exquisite·Intelligence·Human nature】The excellent technical concept,It is in excellent enterprise culture idea,Company gathered has trained a large number of excellent research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Management and so on a full range of professional talents。

    +35KVSeries of switchgear
    +12KVSeries of switchgear
    +Low voltage switchgear series
    +Pre-installed type transformer substation
    +Low voltage bus duct system
    +Dc power supply system

    The company after years of effort and continuous development,Cultivate a large number of outstanding engineering and technical personnel and has a stable research and development team,Is in the domestic leading and developed a group of technology and products with independent intellectual property rights,A strong comprehensive competitive ability,For the national and regional power infrastructure construction has made due contributions。

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