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Jinggangshan city red jinggang cadres education training base,Mainly responsible for the party and government departments across the country、Enterprises and institutions、Institutions of higher learning and social groups such as the general party member cadre masses of revolutionary tradition education training institutions。Base on“Carry forward the spirit of jinggang、Red genetic inheritance”As the mission,Exalted jinping new era of Chinese characteristic socialism great banner,Closely around the party and the nation's overall work,In-depth interpretation of jinping general secretary of the series of important speech spirit,Research on training courses。

Base with distinct characteristics of The Times,The unique combination of jinggangshan red resources,Strengthen the training curriculum innovation consciousness,Explore,Set to teach、Interaction、Experience as one of the red training model。In the process of training,Through the project teaching、The scene teaching、Interactive teaching、Experiential teaching such as teaching mode,Guide students through the boundaries of time and space,Close touch history、Comprehension of history。Encourage students in the world、The outlook on life、Was inspired methodology, etc,Harvest,To achieve“Use history to reality check,The perspective of the future”The teaching purpose。

Base is equipped with:The party branch、The office、Actuarial-oriented)、Training department、The communications department、The finance department、Logistics security and other departments。

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Training purpose

    Jinggangshan spirit is the party's fine traditions and temper and sublimation of the spirit in the revolutionary struggle of the Chinese nation,Is the origin of the Chinese revolution spirit。Jinggangshan spirit is the outlook on life、The correct values and communist belief orientation。

        By learning experience of the jinggang mountains,The revolutionary historical review closely combined with social reality problems,The work attitude,Improve the ability to work,The true“Serving the people”Reflected in the actual work。

Training characteristics

    A、By the seminar course、The scene teaching、Red song teaching、Talk teaching、The experience type teaching、Situation teaching pattern。

    2、Base on the existing standard rooms86Between、Single rooms6Between、Suite2Between,Beds in total180A,Big small and medium-sized of the classroom4Between;Depth cooperation hotel15Home(5 stars1Home,47Home,Samsung7Home),Organic20Households。

    3、Have professional teaching management team,The teacher in charge are engaged in the cadre education and training of staff,Expand teachers have formal qualification certificates issued by the state。

    Four、The curriculum stick to the party's policies。

Learning programme

Jinggangshan city red jinggang cadres education training base

Office address:Jiangxi jinggangshan scenic spot of the red army north road51Number

Contact phone number:0796-6568886


A mobile phone:18007062968(Deng)

A mobile phone:18797866886(Guo director)

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