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Wide into Beijing xinyuan automobile sales co., LTD., founded in2011Years,Dedicated to provide users with“The whole car sales、After-sales maintenance、Spare parts supply and information feedback”Four one of the specialized service,Xiamen golden dragon、All products agency for karry car。Wide into Beijing xinyuan color automobile sales co., LTD is located in shunyi district of Beijing south town shunping road segment21Number,The geographical position is superior,A convenient traffic,Cover an area of an area2000Square meters。The company consists of selling cars、Sales of spare parts、After-sales service, such as comprehensive automobile sales and service,Also provide other value-added services。Aims at to create a fast and convenient comprehensive car supermarket,Approach the customer side,Do customer side car subsidy expert,To provide customers with car、Maintenance、Maintenance and repair、Beauty、Rescue and other services,Convenient customer car subsidy,Greatly meets the requirements of the customer diversification。More introduction

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Autumn purchase jinlong,Horrifying Wan Yuanhao willfulness to send!
Autumn purchase jinlong,Horrifying Wan Yuanhao willfulness to send!

Autumn in September there are two important festival for Chinese ShiEn ——“The morning rain nurtures the plum,Autumn fruit comfort gardener”Send to think——“I wish people for a long time,Long life”

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Address:Beijing shunyi district south town color shunping road segment21Number
The phone:010-69401885
A mobile phone:18519348788
The mailbox:534980906@qq.com
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