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Truly every students can grasp the true technology and entrepreneurial success!
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    Subway fresh food(Xinxiang economic development zone, poly incense to catering technology training center)、Technology and research and development、Consultant service is a body comprehensive business training center。Over the years,With the good faith for this、Customer oriented、Innovation、Mutually beneficial win-win educational philosophy,Focused on the development and popularization of catering culture,Carve out a road of the business to get rich,On for you to make a bridge to success,We go forward hand in hand,Create brilliant。  “Snacks to change destiny,Entrepreneurial achievement life”。As people a better understanding of the snacks,And the rapid development of the industry itself,We have a meal、Distinctive snacks training program,Products rich taste,Suitable for around。Taught by the project investment is small、Good technology、The risk is low、High profits、Quick effect、......
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People with disabilities、These schemes、Laid-off workers、Veterans benefits30%Is returning migrant workers、Laid-off workers、This year's graduates、Good way of getting rich(After learning fee first,Tuition is more favorable)

For the sake of your career Subway fresh help you successful entrepreneurship
  • Warmly celebrate:Jiangsu Mr Ma(1376****558)Learn the technology of cold end!Wish an open a shop
  • Warmly celebrate:Shandong mr.li(1801****027)End of study snacks!Wish an open a shop
  • Warmly celebrate:Heze wang(1386****669)Learn a barbecue technology successfully concluded!
  • Warmly celebrate:Puyang Ms. Lee(1897****459)Learning technology over breakfast,Wish an open a shop
  • Warm congratulations:FengQiu Mr CAI(1306***681)Learning package over breakfast。Wish an open success!
  • Warm congratulations:Xinxiang Ms. Tian(1863***257)Learning package over breakfast。Wish an open success!
  • Warm congratulations:Mr Xu Changqu(1362***849)Learning package over breakfast。Wish an open success!
  • Warm congratulations:Mengjin mr.li(1359***023)Learn lurou meal is over。Wish an open success!
  • Warm congratulations:Mr Lin stone(1367***305)Learn barbecue meals over。Wish an open success!
  • Warm congratulations:Already zhu(1352***936)Study after breakfast。To set up shop!
  • Warm congratulations:Plain Mr Zhang(1306***681)Learning package over breakfast。To set up shop!

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   Fork southwest China construction bank dining technical training those in next door。
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